Peyton Reed to Direct 'The Fifth Beatle'

Courtesy of 42 West

The "Bring it On" director will take on the movie adaptation of the best-selling graphic novel, which chronicles the final years of Beatles manager Brian Epstein.

LONDON – Bring It On filmmaker Peyton Reed has signed on to direct The Fifth Beatle, a movie adaptation of the recently released New York Times best-selling graphic novel that chronicles the final years of Beatles manager Brian Epstein.

The novel recounts the story of Epstein, the visionary who discovered The Beatles and helped guide the band to international stardom, securing their first record deal at a time when no one else was interested. He also successfully brought the band to the world stage at a scale and scope no music impresario had ever attempted.

The movie is being produced by Oscar-winner Bruce Cohen (American Beauty, Silver Linings Playbook) and Tony Award-winning producer Vivek J. Tiwary (A Raisin in the Sun, Green Day’s "American Idiot"), who wrote the graphic novel. Tiwary is also writing the screenplay. Production is slated to begin in 2014.

The movie marks the first-ever feature film about The Beatles to secure music rights to their songs, including unprecedented access to the Lennon/McCartney music catalogue.

Casting of the Epstein role will begin now that Reed is on board.

"From the moment I read Vivek's graphic novel, I knew I wanted to be the person to bring Brian’s story to the big screen. I'm a lifelong Beatles fan, obviously, but it’s Brian’s fascinating life that really blew me away and drew me to this project," said Reed.

He added: "He's the ultimate outsider who, against all odds, became the ultimate insider. He was responsible for shepherding the most popular artistic expression of "love" in the history of modern culture, and yet he wasn't allowed to express his own love during that time."

Peyton is represented by WME and Robert Offer.