Pez Candy Animated Movie in the Works

AP Images

Cameron Fay has been hired to write the script.

Pez, the chalky, pastel-colored candy that is held in themed plastic dispensers, is getting the movie treatment.

Envision Media Arts has signed a deal with Pez to make an animated film based on the candy, which was originally invented in 1927. Cameron Fay, who wrote the currently filming comedy Brother in Laws, has been hired to write the screenplay.

Lee Nelson and David Buelow will produce for Envision Media Arts.

Gregg Rossen, Brian Sawyer and Jonathan Hung are executive producing with Envision Media Arts' David Tish.

Pez candy was first sold 83 years ago in Vienna, Austria. Since then, the dispensers have become collectibles and interactive toys for children and more than 3 billion Pez candies are consumed annually in the U.S.

A movie about candy is rare, but there are plenty of toy-inspired movies in the works. Of course, the Ouija movie was based on the popular boardgame, and the Transformers and G.I. Joe franchises are based on the toys. Sony is planning a Barbie film, with Diablo Cody writing the script, and there's even an Emoji film in the works at Sony Pictures Animation.

Fay is repped by Paradigm, Kaplan / Perrone Entertaintment and Lichter, Grossman.