PGA Elects Gary Lucchesi, Lori McCreary Presidents

The Producers Guild of America announced its new officers at a general membership meeting on the Warners lot, where its Produced By Conference is currently being held.

Gary Lucchesi and Lori McCreary have been elected presidents of the Producers Guild of America. Results of the annual election were announced tonight at the guild’s general membership meeting on the Warners lot.

Other newly PGA national officers include: vice presidents of motion pictures David Friendly and Lydia Dean Pilcher; vice presidents of television Tim Gibbons and Jason Katims; treasurer Christina Lee Storm, and vice president PGA East Region Peter Saraf.

Outgoing PGA presidents Mark Gordon and Hawk Koch, who served since 2010, received special recognition at the meeting for their service to the PGA over the years, including their advocacy on behalf of the Guild’s credit certification, the Producers Mark.

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“We are extremely honored and excited to begin this new chapter with the Producers Guild,” McCreary and Lucchesi said. “We have seen numerous positive changes over the past four years as a result of the hard work of our presidents, the PGA National Board and its committee members.  We hope to continue to build upon the great work of our predecessors and to protect the rights of our industry’s hardworking producers.”

Lucchesi has served as the PGA’s vp of motion pictures for the past four years as well as co-chaired the Produced By Conference for the past four years. 

McCreary has served as the PGA’s national treasurer for the past two years as well as co-chaired the 2014 PGA Awards with Michael De Luca

McCreary and Lucchesi’s election marks the second time the Guild’s nominating committee has selected a pair of members to stand for election together as presidents, following Gordon and Koch. The only other time the Guild has been governed by a pair of presidents was from 2001-02, following the PGA’s merger with the American Association of Producers, when the Guild was overseen by Kathleen Kennedy and Tim Gibbons.  The 2014 election represents the first time the PGA has nominated pairs of candidates for its vp offices.