PGA Releases 'Toolkit' to Debunk "Myths" About Female-Driven Movies

Courtesy of Universal Pictures

The guild unveils analytics and statistics to underscore the "commercial viability" of targeting women with films like 'Trainwreck' and 'Bridesmaids.'

The Producers Guild of America on Thursday unveiled a "toolkit" to raise awareness among Hollywood execs about the commercial viability of movies driven by female producers and directors.

The guild's Women's Impact Network and the industry website Women and Hollywood launched “The Ms. Factor: The Power of Female Driven Content," with analytics and statistics to back a hiring push for more women as directors and producers in Hollywood.

The initiative aims at debunking "myths" that perpetuate gender bias, the guild said. "The toolkit will provide producers and directors pitching female-driven content with the proof they need to combat a prevalent resistance to female storytelling," said Lydia Dean Pilcher, PGA vp motion pictures and chair of the PGA Women’s Impact Network, in a statement.

The highlights of the PGA report include arguments that female moviegoers outnumber male moviegoers in the U.S. market, women dominate mainstream network TV audiences and that women comprise over 85 percent of all consumer-spending decisions, based on their increasing earning power.

"We hope that producers and filmmakers will use these statistics as tools when creating financing proposals to counter those who see gender as limiting their commercial prospects," Pilcher said.