"Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli Backs Donald Trump

John Lamparski/WireImage Screenshot/YouTube
Donald Trump (left), Martin Shkreli

It's doubtful the presumptive GOP presidential nominee will want this endorsement.

Martin Shkreli, the loathed former pharmaceutical executive who skyrocketed the price of an AIDS medication, said on Thursday he supports Donald Trump's White House bid. 

The 33-year-old Shkreli, who is currently awaiting trial for alleged securities fraud, said he has not been contacted by the Trump camp to speak out for the billionaire businessman, but he endorses Trump all the same. 

"I haven't been called by the Trump camp. I support him vs. Hillary. He should find a VP candidate who is seasoned in politics, an ugly game," Shkreli wrote on Twitter.

Odds are Shkreli will never be called by the campaign as Trump has blasted him in the past for his stunt of raising the price of an AIDS medication from $13 to $750 per tablet.

In September, Trump called Shkreli's move "ridiculous" and referred to him as a "spoiled brat."

"I know, it’s terrible ... and then he sat back smug like he was hot stuff," said Trump. "That guy is nothing. He's zero. He's nothing. He ought to be ashamed of himself."

In February, Shkreli appeared before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee concerning prescription drug pricing. There he took the Fifth Amendment.  

Watch Shkreli address Congress below: