Grammys: Pharrell Williams Slips Ferguson Tribute Into "Happy" Performance (Video)

Pharrell's Tribute to Ferguson

With a bilingual spoken section, a "hands up, don't shoot" gesture and a very minor introduction featuring heavy strings, Williams refreshed his Despicable Me 2 hit "Happy" with guest accompanists Lang Lang on piano and Hans Zimmer on guitar. He was curiously dressed in a bellhop-like outfit, until he noted at the end of his performance, "As you can see, I'm at your service, Lord."

The massive spectacle also featured dancers in black, gospel singers in white and a prayer at the end.

Think you've heard every rendition of Pharrell Williams' ubiquitous "Happy"?

The mega-producer brought something new to the Grammys stage this year, teaming up with piano superstar Lang Lang and composer Hans Zimmer for a dramatic rendition of the hit song, which won best pop solo performance and best music video.

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Williams went into Sunday night up for four additional Grammys, winning one more, and was a big winner at last year's Grammys, taking home the producer of the year (nonclassical) award and three other trophies for his work with Daft Punk.

Williams, wearing what looked like a bellhop's costume, began his performance by speaking the opening lines of the song before a dramatic orchestral opening and a return to the familiar beat and lyrics. People in white gospel-singer-like robes then filled the aisles. Williams was backed by dancers wearing black hooded sweatshirts, some holding yellow tambourines, which the robed audience members also carried. Williams, whose outfit featured shorts instead of pants, just like his Grammys arrival suit, also sported yellow shoes.

Williams also included a subtle tribute to Ferguson shooting victim Michael Brown, as he and his dancers made a "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" gesture during the performance.

He also stopped midway through his performance for a piano solo from Lang Lang, stationed on a platform in the audience.

Zimmer later joined Williams center stage, shredding on the guitar.

Williams ended his performance by thanking God, saying, "As you can see, I'm at your service, Lord."