Pharrell's Ugly Grammys Hat Spawns Twitter Account

Pharrell Williams Grammy Arrivals Hat - P 2014
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Pharrell Williams Grammy Arrivals Hat - P 2014

UPDATED: The Grammys have officially found their version of Angelina Jolie's leg in a new Twitter account celebrating Pharrell's questionable headgear. And Williams tells THR all about the phenomenon.

The look on this year's Grammys red carpet is surprisingly polished, with the likes of Anna Faris, Pink and Alicia Keys sporting simple, glamorous gowns usually reserved for non-music-related events. But one of, uh, the most interesting fashion spots of the night -- and, quite possibly, in Grammys history -- is Pharrell Williams' hat -- a tall, wide-brimmed number that looks like something between a Rocky and Bullwinkle Mountie hat and a condom. 

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While it's anyone's guess what the singer (ordinarily a style icon) is hiding under the headpiece, one thing is certain: Pharrell's hat is the official Angelina Jolie's leg of this year's Grammys. And now, there's a Twitter account to prove it.

@Pharrellhat has launched in full force, and as of this post, boasts 376 followers. No word on what the singer was on when making his sartorial decisions.

After the show, The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Williams, whose hat has created a pop culture moment. The producer of the year winner told THR he was amazed to learn that it had its own Twitter account.  "And now Instagram, too," he marveled. So what's the story? "It's a Vivienne Westwood Buffalo hat from when she was with Malcolm McLaren," said Williams. "It's not vintage -- I would've been really stylin' if I had one from the '80s." 

We assume @MadonnaGrill is soon to follow.