Philips impresses at IBC

3-D demonstrations draw crowds

AMSTERDAM -- Philips wowed delegates at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam with 3-D demonstrations, including one for its "3D Wowzone," a 132-inch multiscreen 3-D display wall.

Crowds were regularly gathered in front of the large display, which uses "autostereoscopic" technology, meaning that it can be viewed without the need for special 3-D glasses.

The 3-D video wall is designed to bring 3-D to large indoor space, for applications such as sales promotion and infotainment at events and exhibitions.

Offering IBC goers a glimpse of future possibilities, Philips also presented a technology demonstration of 3-D on Blu-ray Disc, where its content format was applied to Blu-ray to show the potential of 3-D in the home.

Another demonstration, in cooperation with telecommunications operator Telefonica, showed 3-D video on demand over an IP infrastructure.

Philips' exhibit included a series of 3-D autostereoscopic monitors, developed for professional use. These ranged in size from 8 inches to 52 inches.