Phish keyboardist hints at reunion

Page McConnell says band is discussing options

NEW YORK -- In the wake of increasing chatter that a Phish reunion may be in the cards in the coming months, keyboardist Page McConnell issued a statement confirming the group's members plan to meet to discuss their options.

McConnell begins by saying how much he's enjoyed the past four years away from Phish, who split in August 2004. However, he admits that he's not only rekindled friendships with the other members, but that he's "closer with all of them now then I've ever been in our 20-year relationship."

"Recently the conversations have turned toward the possibility of spending some time together," McConnell said, adding, "later this year we hope to spend some time together and take a look at what possible futures we might enjoy. In fact, the only real decision that has been made is that when we do get together, it will only be the four of us, hopefully with no distractions. I am really looking forward to that."

All four members were on hand in New York last month to accept a lifetime achievement award from the Jammys, but did not perform live or address the possibility of a reunion.

Speculation has lately centered on Phish making a new studio album with producer Steve Lillywhite, who declined comment when asked about the possibility last week. Others see a reunion tour as a foregone conclusion, noting the massive dollars that would be in play and a rabid fan base practically willing Phish back to life.

McConnell concludes by saying, "the prospect of Phish reuniting is something I consider very seriously, and I think about it a lot."