Phone Hacking Scandal: 20 More Expected to Sue News Corp. Unit

News Corporation Headquarters - H 2011
Mario Tama/Getty Images

News Corporation Headquarters - H 2011

The number of civil claimants going after Rupert Murdoch's conglomerate now stands at more than 70.

The British high court heard Friday that 20 alleged victims of phone hacking are expected to file civil claims against News International, the U.K. newspaper unit of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., bringing the total to more than 70 claimants, the Guardian reported.

Meanwhile, News Corp. has accepted 64 additional claims into its compensation scheme for phone hacking victims of shuttered tabloid News of the World, the Guardian also reported from the court update.

The number of claimants is likely to grow even further. London police have received 286 requests for the disclosure of evidence related to phone hacking, lawyers disclosed in court, according to the paper.

Among those who have filed claims are such celebrities as soccer player Wayne Rooney and the father of soccer star David Beckham.

Friday's high court hearing also revealed that News International has retrieved the company iPhones of three unnamed executives and is looking to track down another one. Claimants have asked that the iPhones be kept in case they can provide evidence in the phone hacking claims.


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