Phone hacking: Rupert Murdoch to testify?

UK legislator holds him "responsible" for "indiscretions"

The fallout from the New York Times' report that News of the World journalists hacked into the cell phone voicemails of celebrities and royalty continues.

A member of the UK parliament is demanding that Rupert Murdoch, who owns News Corp., which publishes News of the World, testify at hearings to determine if reporters illegally accessed phones.

"I doubt that Rupert Murdoch knows about these indiscretions, but he is responsible for appointing people to positions of great power who should, and for that reason he too should explain his actions to the committee," Tom Watson, a former Cabinet Office minister, told the Associated Press.

The Standards and Privileges committee will hold hearings regarding the allegations against the newspaper's ex-editor Andy Coulson, who quit in 2007 amid allegations that his royal reporter and a private investigator were hacking into cell phones. He now serves as Prime Minister David Cameron's communication director.

London police are still considering whether to reopen an investigation into the allegations, according to the AP.

The News of the World says it will open its own investigation.

"Amidst a swirl of untethered allegations, there should be no doubt that the News of the World will investigate any allegation of wrongdoing when presented with evidence," the newspaper said in a statement. "As we have always made clear, we have a zero-tolerance approach to wrongdoing and will take swift and decisive action if we have proof."
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