PHOTO: See What the Cast of 'The Sound of Music' Looks Like Now

The actors reunited on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" Thursday, and talked about how their lives have changed since the movie was released 45 years ago.

The cast of The Sound of Music reunited on The Oprah Winfrey Show Thursday after 45 years.

Oprah Winfrey referred to the stars of the iconic movie as "the best family in cinematic history" and played clips of fans declaring how the film had changed their lives, including one from Rosie O'Donnell sharing how she wished Maria (Julie Andrews, now 80) would marry her father after her mom passed away.

Winfrey brought the actors who played the children on stage to sing their introduction scene, and share on-set gossip.

Christopher Plummer, who played Captain, the buttoned-up dad, revealed that he partied all over the Austrian countryside, and his on-screen daughter Charmian Carr (Lisa), who was 21 at the time of filming, learned how to drink with him. Which also means Carr wasn't really 16 going on 17,  as the famous song goes.

Plummer also joked that he had a big crush on Andrews during filming, and it was "an awful tease" when she showed up to the set with her baby.

Andrews said she kept falling down while filming her helicopter arrival scene because the helicopter would circle between takes. After having throat surgery, she also gave an update on her singing voice: “I have about six good low, low notes. I can sing the hell out of 'Old Man River' if you really want me to."

It was also revealed that Richard Dreyfus, Kurt Russell and Mia Farrow were in contention for roles as the Von Trapp children, but director Robert Wise decided to cast unknowns instead.

Winfrey also played footage from 1973 of Andrews and the real Maria Von Trapp dueting before the Von Trapp Children Singers (the great-grandchildren of Maria and the Captain) closed the show with "Edelweiss."