Models Doing Stuff Backstage at Fashion Week (Photos)

Kathryn Romeyn

From reading books to eating cookies to playing Candy Crush: We went backstage at New York Fashion Week to find out what the models really do while they're waiting for the show to start. Turns out, they're just like us (but with better metabolisms).

If there’s one overwhelming thing we notice backstage, it’s that the models have their noses in their phones — constantly. Sure, they occasionally interact or have to drop it when it’s mani time, but they’re absolutely attached to their devices. We wondered exactly what they’re doing.

It turns out an overwhelming number are simply “checking things out,”as one girl told Pret-a-Reporter at Houghton. “Googling things. Instagram. Usually I bring a book, but then I just end up on my phone.”

Indeed, some do read. We spotted one deep into Ugly Americans as she puffed on her e-cigarette backstage at Tadashi Shoji. Another, at Trina Turk, was reading The Seven Daughters of Eve.

At Zimmermann, a model said she busies herself on “Instagram and Snapchat. And Candy Crush,” she giggled. Another model sitting beside her was sketching in a journal; she said she usually draws portraits — not of the other models, though.

And yes, they do eat. We’ve spied them enjoying healthy things like Greek yogurt with berries and homemade granola, fruit cups, tuna salad and ice pops, but at Zimmermann we also saw one catwallker take down not one but two cookies as she had her hair blown out and toenails painted.

When a venue doesn’t have Internet, one model said, she "gets really bored."

Hey, it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it. 







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