Photoshopped "Welcome Potato" Pope Photo Goes Viral in Mexico

Pope Francis in Cuba - H 2015
Associated Press

The image is a play on words — "papa" in Spanish means either pope or potato.

Pope Francis may have moved on to the U.S., but a doctored photo from his visit to Cuba earlier this week has become a top trending topic on Twitter in Mexico, where the picture is also getting media attention.

The image, seen in a tweet embedded below, shows a large crowd in Havana holding up a banner that reads, "Welcome Potato" in English. The real banner actually says, "Welcome Missionary of Mercy."

The meme lightheartedly refers to the dual meanings of "papa" in Spanish, which can be either "pope" or "potato," depending on the context.

The joke has become such a big hit in predominantly Catholic Mexico that even newspapers are writing about it.

A headline in the Mexico City daily El Universal reads, "Welcome Potato, Edited Image of the Pope Goes Viral."