Phylia de M's Creator Reveals Secrets Behind Hollywood's Latest Hair Care Line (Q&A)

Kidada Jones, daughter of Quincy, and Kazu Namise’s new products have treated the manes of Rashida Jones and singer Kylie Minogue.

Want luscious locks like Rashida Jones or Kylie Minogue? Phylia de M’s organic just launched in the U.S. and is already a must-have for maintaining Hollywood’s locks.

Founded by Kidada Jones—daughter of music mogul Quincy Jones—and Kazu Namise, the products combine ancient Aztec and Mayan herbs, aloe, and tannic and fulvic acids. The brand promises organic cell and keratin renewal for thicker, healthier hair (even promising results with weeks!).

Jones and Namise based their line’s “clean,” “condition” and “connect” regime upon Japanese oncologist Dick Miyayama’s recipe for cell and nerve regeneration—a keratin and herbal infusion, which is the base of all Phylia de M’s products.

Already favored by Jones’ Hollywood relatives, including her mother Peggy Lipton and sister Rashida, celebs are quickly catching on and swiping it up. Minogue recently tweeted: “OK, @PhyliaHair you need to know that I LOVE your products! A small company doing big things :).”

The Hollywood Reporter talked to Namise to find out what makes the line special and who Phylia’s target audience is:

The Hollywood Reporter: Who is the line designed for?

Kazu Namise: “Our line is for every person. Kidada may be a Hollywood kid, but she’s not defined by that. She’s very informed and educated about products and is interested in things that are organic yet effective. It’s for women and men.”

THR: What was your inspiration?

KN: Kidada and I are both very inspired by Japanese culture and my godfather [oncologist Dick Miyayama] created this solution in Japan over 30years ago. But our home-base is the U.S., so we wanted to adapt something to our needs based on what we thought the market would want. The trending in hair re-growth treatment is so great right now, that we decided to make this product about a year and half ago.”

THR: What is next for Phylia?

KN: “We would eventually like to have our treatment performed in salons. People are losing their hair younger and younger these days, with stress, poor diet habits and nutrition playing a major role, so it’s an ideal next step.”

The products are available here, or at notorious L.A. salons Byron and Tracy and Andy Le Compte. Prices range from $30-$60.


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