Phyllis Diller Fractures Back

Comedian cancels 'Tonight Show' appearance

LOS ANGELES -- Comedian Phyllis Diller had to cancel a "Tonight Show" appearance celebrating her 90th birthday because she fractured her back, but she still plans to celebrate, her manager said Wednesday.

Diller "twisted the wrong way" and caused "a minor injury, some kind of a fracture which is extremely painful," Milt Suchin said.

"The doctors say to rest and let it heal. ... She's in great spirits," he said.

The injury also forced Diller to cancel an appearance this week before the Television Critics Association.

"It's very disappointing," Suchin said. "She was going to do a standup bit but she really can't stand up properly."

"She's not immobile. She is functioning normally. She's doing a lot of phoners and interviews," Suchin said.

Diller postponed her planned July 18 birthday appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," although it will be rescheduled, Suchin said.

Diller planned to celebrate her birthday that day with a party at a Beverly Hills hotel.

"She's a trooper," Suchin said. "She's a phoenix, she rises. She's gone through a lot worse."

Diller has been busy. She voices Peter's mother for the TV animated series "Family Guy," recently made a guest appearance on the show "Boston Legal," recently completed voice work on an animated film to be shown at next year's Olympics and just finished taping five episodes of a new reality TV show, Suchin said.

Diller may be off work for a month or so, Suchin said.

"If (the injury) mends sooner, we're out there sooner. There's no lack of demand for her services," he said.