Pia Toscano: Booted Off 'American Idol' Because of Her Outfit?

Michael Becker/ FOX

Some fans blame Gwen Stefani's styling for the singer's shocking exit.

With Thursday night's shocking ouster of Pia Toscano, America is still searching for explanations. 

One popular theory? That Pia's white jumpsuit did her in, which would put the blame on Gwen Stefani, who styled the girls this week all in her L.A.M.B. line.
"The people at the show shouldn't have let her wear that ridiculous outfit,” one fan sniped on THR's Idol Worship blog. “She probably would have sang with more fire if she wore something sexier."
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Added another, "Gwen Stefani sabotaged her. It was so obvious she lied to Pia when she said that outfit looked good on her. That outfit was awful and Gwen knew it!!"
A third fan described the white patterned jumpsuit as a "shower curtain rings outfit. If Pia wore [something different] she would still be on the show."