Pia Toscano Speaks Out on Shocking 'American Idol' Elimination (Video)

Michael Becker / FOX

Plus, watch her final performance of "I Stand By You."

Pia Toscano took to Twitter to thank fans their support after she was shockingly voted off American Idol Thursday night.

"I'm truly going to miss my idol family! Thank you @JLo Randy and Steven for believing in me. Love you and love my fans!" she wrote. Related: Five theories why Pia Toscano was voted off Idol.

Toscano, who lives in Queens, NY, also reached out the celebs who had been Tweeting their surprise about the Fox show results.

"@Alyssa_Milano thank you for your support Alyssa!" she wrote after Milano Tweeted, "Keep your head up, beauty girl. You're an awesome talent."

"@daxshepard1 @minkakelly thank you both so much for the support!!" she added. Dax Shepard had Tweeted earlier, "This did not just happen!!! How??? I'm going to do something radical. I love you Pia!" and "I'm going to do something drastic. This has put me in an unstable mood."

Minka Kelly wrote, "Will someone please explain to me HOW in the WORLD @PToscanoAI10 (Pia) has been voted off American Idol?! #baffled!!"