Piaget Introduces Polo S Collection With Game-Changing Ambassadors

Piaget New Timepiece Launch_Split - Getty - H 2016
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Piaget New Timepiece Launch_Split - Getty - H 2016

In Brooklyn on Thursday night, Ryan Reynolds and Michael B. Jordan celebrated a key launch for the iconic watch and jewelry house.

“This is very humid, isn’t it?” Ryan Reynolds remarked onstage at Piaget’s steamy launch party in Brooklyn on Thursday evening. But what the Duggal Greenhouse lacked in air conditioning, it made up for in star power. Reynolds (introduced that night as Piaget’s newest international brand ambassador) was joined by Michael B. Jordan, Outlander’s Sam Heughan, Kellan Lutz and others for the launch of the Piaget Polo S, the brand’s first foray into stainless-steel watches.

Why was now the right time for Piaget to launch a stainless-steel collection? “As a brand, we do mostly gold watches, which are expensive,” explained Piaget CEO Philippe Leopold-Metzger. “We felt the time was right to offer an exclusive watch in steel that’s going to open us up to a whole new clientele.”

The five-piece collection is comprised of three Polo S automatic watches in stainless steel featuring dials in silver, blue or slate grey with super luminova detailing, and two Polo S Chronographs featuring a silver or blue dial. The styling of the case and dial is also somewhat unique, in that Piaget has positioned a cushion-shaped dial within a 42mm round case. The Polo S Chronograph is priced at $12,400, while the Polo S automatic is priced at $9,350, the first time Piaget has offered a watch priced less than $10,000.


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“This watch is proof that America is important to us,” Leopold-Metzer added. “In the ‘80s [the U.S.] used to be the greatest part of our company’s business, though in the last 20 years or so our business developed very fast in Asia. But with the look of this piece and its stainless-steel craftsmanship and, of course, the price, we knew we had a real knockout on our hands for the American market.”

The boxing reference surely seemed apropos for Creed’s Michael B. Jordan, selected by Piaget as the watch’s American ambassador. An admitted watch aficionado with a collection of more than 15 pieces, Jordan said this latest Piaget piece suited his lifestyle. “I really like its diversity,” he said. “I never know what my day is going to be like — I’m at home and then maybe going to the gym and then throwing on a suit and going out. It works for all those moments.”

Jordan was joined by a global roster of Polo S ambassadors also introduced Thursday evening, including British polo player Malcolm Borwick, Belgian tennis player David Goffin, French chef Jean-Francois Piege and Japanese musician Miyavi. “We wanted people from different universes — athletes, musicians, a chef, actors,” Leopold-Metzer pointed out. “But they’re also a great bunch of people who represent what Piaget stands for, people who sometimes rewrite the rules, who think outside the box and are exploring projects that are different and yet also promise to be great.”

Asked about the choice or Reynolds as Piaget’s newest international ambassador, Leopold-Metzger smiled. “Well, you know, he’s an incredibly good-looking guy, which is important,” he said with a laugh. “But he’s also a great actor who is recognized globally, from North America to Asia and Europe. I also like that the spectrum of his films is very different: He does something serious like Woman in Gold, and then of course there’s Deadpool. All of that makes him incredibly interesting to us. And when we met with him, he was very excited about not only this watch, but also spoke very well about the brand.”


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Reynolds proved his worth Thursday night. “I’ve been wearing this watch for a couple of weeks, and I can tell you my [18-month-old] daughter is obsessed with it. She doesn’t know it, but it will be hers someday,” he said. “There are very few accessories you keep your entire life and yet also have the opportunity to hand down. There’s also something wonderful, really, about being associated with the idea of timelessness. That’s pretty cool.”