Pic to document Amazon swim


John Maringouin is filming a documentary about endurance swimmer Martin Strel, who began a planned 70-day swim Thursday, starting at the source of the Amazon River in Peru and following the river until it meets the Atlantic Ocean at Belem, Brazil.

To be titled "Big River Man," the film will follow Strel as he attempts to cover 3,375 miles in what is being billed as the world's longest swim. Strel, who hails from Slovenia, previously completed record swims in the Danube, Mississippi and Yangzte rivers and holds several Guiness world records.

Maringouin's previous docus include last year's "Running Stumbled," which documented the relationship between his artist father and troubled stepmother, and 2004's "Just Another Day in the Homeland."

Maria Florio, who served as a producer of 2002's "Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion" and was a producer-director on the 1985 Oscar- winning docu "Broken Rainbow," is producing. Exec producers are Mickey Cottrell and Molly Lynch. Maringouin and Lynch's Self Pictures have acquired exclusive rights to film the swim as well as Strel's life rights. Forward Entertainment is handling sales on the independently financed film.