PIC: Obama and Sarah Palin hang out

Appear in 'Archie' comic book together

President Barack Obama and former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin have put aside their differences… for an upcoming "Archie" comic book.

The political foes will share a milk shake and work together in the December issue. The cover features Archie saying, "Wow! I guess anything's possible!"

According to the New York Post, the two are dragged into a campaign battle between Archie Andrews and enemy Reggie, who are both running for president of Riverdale High.

"Things aren't going so well for Archie," said the comic's editor-in-chief, Victor Gorelick. Archie's campaign manager, Veronica Lodge, manages to arrange a meeting between Archie and Obama, and leaks photos to make it appear the president has endorsed the teen.

Reggie's response? To get Palin to hit the campaign trail for him.