'Piche' crosses $3 mil b.o. mark in Quebec

Becomes year's highest grossing French-language pic

TORONTO -- Quebec director Sylvain Archambault's "Piche': Entre Ciel et Terre," has crossed the $3 million boxoffice mark in Quebec after nearly one month in local theaters, distributor TVA Films said Thursday.

The biopic about a Quebec pilot who made world headlines in August 2001 when he glided a crippled jetliner, with 304 people on board, to a safe landing on the Azores bowed on July 7 in the French-speaking province with 95 dates.

The drama, which stars Michel Cote and Maxime LeFlaguais, chronicles how Piche' faced not only immediate hero worship, but revelations about time spent in a U.S. jail in the 1980s for landing a small aircraft filled with drugs on a Georgia airstrip.

The film chronicles Piche' going into alcohol rehab to come to terms with the sudden media glare and long-hidden personal shortfalls.

Written by Ian Lauzon and directed by Archambault, "Piche': Entre Ciel et Terre" has become the highest grossing French-language Canadian film in 2010 in the face of stiff local competition from Christopher Nolan's "Inception" and "Toy Story 3."
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