Picketers to Face Replacement Workers at 'Biggest Loser' on Monday

IATSE decries 'strike-breakers' hired by production company to cross picket line.

It looks like there will be fireworks Monday morning at NBC’s Biggest Loser, as IATSE picketers confront replacement workers hired by the show’s production companies.

The 50-member crew has been on strike since last week, seeking a union contract primarily in order to obtain pension and health benefits. The picketing was initially low-key, starting with just a dozen picketers on Wednesday and growing by the end of the week to several dozen.

Monday may be much larger. This time, the IA has issued a formal press statement confirming picket lines at the production location, the King Gillette Ranch, 26800 West Mulholland Highway in Calabasas, California. The start time and duration of picketing were not released.

IA international president Matthew D. Loeb said, "The crew has not lost their resolve in spite of the employer hiring replacement workers and being unwilling to discuss a contract. The IATSE will not lose our resolve to support them until this strike is over."

Loser is produced by Reveille Productions, 25/7 Productions and 3 Ball Productions. In the statement, the IA said the strike started last Monday, and that it has had no talks since Tuesday with the production entities.

As previously reported, 100% of the production crew voted to support the IA. According to the IA, the producers refuse to recognize the IA as the bargaining unit for the crew. AFTRA and the DGA already have agreements with the show.

The production entities and AFTRA could not be reached for comment, and the DGA declined to comment.