Picketers pick quite a location


When writers picketed Tuesday in Toluca Lake, Calif., the WGA strike for the first time impacted location managers. More than 30 picketers disrupted a "Desperate Housewives" shoot and stopped production outside a home.

"It's the location manager who is responsible to get the permits to film on location, and it's the location manager that is responsible for everything that happens on location in terms with liaising with the community," said one locations person who declined to be named. "So when a bunch of picketers show up, that impacts the community, and therefore they do have an impact on the permit and on the location manager's job."

Still, while locations people might have sweated community relations, at least one person was happy about the disruption.

"They film at that house all the time, and it's kind of a nuisance to the neighborhood," resident Susan Rubin said as she waved at a neighbor walking the picket line. "It's nice for it to be interrupted."

Borys Kit and Leslie Simmons