Picture Production Company Plans L.A. Operation

U.K. company hires ex-Miramax exec Ben Coplon to spearhead U.S. west coast plans.

LONDON – U.K. based movie and television post-production house Picture Production Company has hired former Miramax Films executive Ben Coplon to spearhead its U.S. push by opening an outpost in Los Angeles.

Copon will head the team in L.A. pushing PPC’s aim to enhance its 24-hour service for established studio clients and to offer creative services to the LA-based independent film sector.

Coplon worked at Miramax Films on campaigns, ranging from Gangs of New York and the Scary Movie frachise to The Queen and No Country For Old Men.

After leaving Miramax in 2008, Coplon opened an NYC office for L.A.-based trailer and creative content vendor MobScene.

PPC chairman Stewart Till said: “As we are providing a marketing and creative service to a worldwide film business, it is important to have an office in L.A. as well as London.

Coplon said: “Bringing PPC’s understanding of international film marketing to L.A.’s studio and independent marketers, on a 24-hour basis, will help our clients succeed in today’s highly competitive global marketplace.”