Picturehouse: Hailing Altman's finale

2006 boxoffice: $24.0 million

Picturehouse turned Robert Altman's final film, "A Prairie Home Companion," into one of the director's biggest hits and the fledgling company's top grosser so far. Drawing on Garrison Keillor's fan base and the film ensemble's star power, "Prairie" grossed a respectable $20.3 million. The company also has high hopes for the critically lauded "Pan's Labyrinth," from Guillermo del Toro, which snuck in just under the wire on Dec. 29. Picturehouse's other offerings met a tougher reception. The art world docu "Who the Fuck is Jackson Pollock?" couldn't convince anyone to care, and "The Notorious Bettie Page" and "Tristram Shandy" were disappointments. Audiences were cool to Nicole Kidman in the fictionalized Diane Arbus biopic "Fur," directed by Steven Shainberg.

Picturehouse releases Date Boxoffice
Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story 1/27 $1.2
The Notorious Bettie Page 4/14 1.4
A Prairie Home Companion 6/9 20.3
FUR 11/10 0.2
Who the Fuck is Jackson Pollock? 11/15 0.01
Pan's Labyrinth 12/29 0.8
Ushpizin 10/19/05 0.04

The boxoffice and market share for each distributor represents tickets sales from Jan. 3, 2006, through Jan. 1, 2007, inclusive. "Films tracked" represents the total number of films, including 2005 releases that generated ticket sales for each distributor. For 2005 releases, only boxoffice returns from 2006 are reported.