Pierce Brosnan Stopped at Airport with 10-Inch Hunting Knife

"The name's Bond, James Bond" clearly doesn't cut it for the TSA.

Given that his last stint for Her Majesty's Secret Service was way back in 2002, Pierce Brosnan should know by now that he no longer has the same sort of weapons allowances enjoyed by secret agents out to save the world from certain destruction.

But that didn’t stop the 62-year-old actor from attempting to board a U.S. flight with a 10-inch hunting knife in his hand luggage.

Brosnan was reportedly stopped on Sunday by TSA officials at Burlington International Airport in Vermont while traveling with his son.

The Daily Telegraph quoted a local police officer as saying that the actor "was encountered by the TSA at one of their checkpoints." The knife was then confiscated, and Brosnan was given an extra patdown before being allowed to continue his journey.

TSA rules state that sharp objects, such as knives and scissors longer than 4 inches must be stored in checked baggage.

Let's just hope Brosnan still had something to chop up his steak.