Pierre Berge Criticizes Designers That Create Islamic Clothing

Pierre Berge - Getty-P 2016
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

"Creators should have nothing to do with Islamic fashion," Yves Saint Laurent's former business partner and longtime lover told Europe 1 radio.

Pierre Berge isn't thrilled with the designers and fashion labels that are catering to Muslims with Islamic fashion.

In an interview with Europe 1 radio on Wednesday, Yves Saint Laurent's longtime business partner and life partner called out brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Uniqlo for creating collections that are designing specifically for the Muslim market.

Radio France Internationale reports that Berge felt "scandalized" by the idea, saying, "Creators should have nothing to do with Islamic fashion. Designers are there to make women more beautiful, to give them their freedom, not to collaborate with this dictatorship which imposes this abominable thing by which we hide women and make them live a hidden life."

Dolce & Gabbana most recently announced its new line of hijabs and abayas, while H&M featured a Muslim model wearing a hijab in a fashion campaign for the first time.

"Renounce the money and have some principles," declared Berge.

According to WWD, if Berge had the chance to address those involved, he answered: "I don’t want to have a discussion with those people, but if I were to say anything to them, I would say: 'Give up the dough. Have convictions. Defend your convictions.'"