Piers Morgan, 'America's Got Talent' Co-Stars Tweet Farewell Wishes; Mutual Admiration

Piers Morgan
AP Photo/Ian West

"Piers Morgan Tonight" has improved CNN's performance in the hour, but Rachel Maddow still tops the British host.

The media personality announced Wednesday via Twitter that he will not be returning to NBC's competition show in order to focus primarily on his CNN talk program.

Piers Morgan revealed Wednesday that he will not be returning to the judging table on NBC's competition show America's Got Talent

"I'm leaving America's Got Talent after 6 wonderful years. Turned out that juggling's harder than it looks, so I'm going to focus on CNN," the British host tweeted to his 1.4 million followers.

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Shortly after the reveal, which comes just a year and a half after Morgan reupped with the show, he then tweeted a round of thanks, saying, "Big thanks to NBC, Fremantle, and of course, my friend Simon Cowell, for giving me such a great opportunity. It's been a blast." 

But, the media personality also made sure not to leave his now-former co-stars, Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel and Nick Cannon, out of his thoughts. 

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"And congrats to @MrsSOsbourne @howiemmandel & @NickCannon - you don't have to put up with me any more!" 

Cannon tweeted back, saying, "First FatBoys break up now @PiersMorgan is leaving Americas Got Talent? We'll miss you ol' friend." To which Morgan replied "Call me for fashion advice."

Osbourne's plea, "Piers please don't go" didn't shake his resolve though. He tweeted her back, "I'm gone," but later said "I'll always love you," after she later wrote Thursday, "I woke up this morning, thought I had a dream that Piers resigned. Now I'm waking up to the reality. Dont go. Never thought I would say this."

Mandel, who joined the show as David Hasselhoff's replacement in 2010, referenced his love-hate relationship with Morgan saying, "I guess I'm more annoying than I thought. I'll miss you" before the CNN host joked, "I'll miss you too, like a hole in the cranium."