Piers Morgan on Larry King: 'We're Not Bosom Pals'

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But the CNN host tells The Hollywood Reporter that there's a "healthy" respect for the former host.

Did last week’s heated chat between Piers Morgan and his predecessor Larry King cause bad blood between CNN’s new and erstwhile superstars?

Responding to rumors that he was upset over King’s comment that the CNN had been “overselling” the Brit personality to the American public in advance of his January 17 debut, Morgan said don’t believe the hype.

“No, I love Larry King!” Morgan told The Hollywood Reporter at its Oscar Nominees’ Night fete held at the Getty House last week. “He’s done 7,000 shows. I’ve done 24.  I think he’s perfectly entitled to claim the upper hand here,” Morgan said. “On top it, he’s a really funny guy. I think he’s going to kill it with his new reality show. The mind boggles, really.”
Of the February 23 exchange on Piers Morgan Live, in which King said his replacement might be benefited from a more subtle, low-key campaign, Morgan said it only further bolstered a burgeoning mutual admiration.
“We’re not like bosom pals, but I think there’s a healthy mutual respect,” Morgan said. “I certainly have it for him. I think he enjoyed himself. We kind of laid out a few little demons to rest. I think people like to cause some problems between us but he’s my hero. I don’t mind what he says. “
Morgan called his tenure thus far on Piers Morgan Live “good rough and tumble television” and highlighted his love for the unexpected.

“It’s the unpredictability of doing a live show,” he said. “It’s very similar to the newspaper business, which I was in for many years. You have to be ready for anything.”