PIFF to honor Ha, Yoo with special screenings

Retrospectives recall avant-garde directors from 60s, 70s

SEOUL -- Special screenings commemorating the works of two legendary Korean directors known for their avant-garde experiments in modern Korean cinema will take place during this year’s Pusan International Film Festival.

Ha Kil-choong, the director of such Korean films as “The Ritual for A Soldier” and “The Pollen of Flowers” will be featured as part of the Korean Cinema Retrospective, sponsored by Hermes Korea.

Ha, also a vocal critic of contemporary culture and a writer, was the icon of Korean youth culture during the 70s. He was a symbol of contemporary intellectuals, and to pay a tribute to his philosophy, a collection of his writings will be assembled into a separate display during the festival “Ha Kil-chong Collection.”

Also during the festival, films by Yoo Hyun-mok, a realism giant in Korean cinema who died this year, will be screened including his two famous films “An Aimless Bullet” and “Martyr.”

Separately, Pusan also presents traditional Hollywood films as part of the festival’s special section on world cinema, relishing the masterpieces of American films from 60s and 70s including the works of Martin Scorsese and Arthur Penn, Ha’s teacher at UCLA.