'Pimp My Ride' Winners: Show Was Nearly Entirely Fake (Report)


Contestants from the show detail all of the things that were faked for television.

The Pimp My Ride show should have come with an asterisk: Pimp My Ride*

*But only so it appears pimped on television, but in real life, it barely functions-slash-could burst into flames.

Huffington Post spoke with multiple contestants from Pimp My Ride about their experiences, and they revealed the show often made their cars unable to function, took away additions after the cameras stopped rolling and asked them to fake reactions.

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Here's a list of what the contestants recounted:

— Additions were made to the cars just for filming, then taken away before the owners drove home: Contestant Justin Dearinger said they took the "drive-in theater" and "Champagne contraptions" out of his car. A rep for the show said a lot of removals were done for safety reasons.

— Contestant Seth Martino said a lot of his additions didn't work once filming stopped, including his television screens and gull-wing doors. Co-executive producer Larry Hochberg said they had a tow-truck driver on hand to help with more serious problems the cars had.

— The contestants who spoke to HuffPo complained about the mechanical functionality of the cars, although Hochberg defended this by saying that the cars were old and would have had issues regardless. Said Martino: "For the most part, it needed a lot of work done to make it a functioning regular driver, which they did not do. They added a lot of extra weight but didn't adjust the suspension to compensate so I felt like I was in a boat, and every time I hit a bump the car would bottom out, and the tires would scrape inside the wheel well." He ended up having to pay to replace the engine about a month later.

— The contestants felt like they were coaxed into displaying big reactions. Jake Glazier said, "I remember this very clearly: Big Dane, very big dude, he like puts his arm around my shoulder, kind of walks me around the shop for like 10 minutes and he's like, 'Listen, we put a lot of work into this. ... We expect you to be a little more f—ing enthusiastic.' "

— One contestant said he was asked to break up with his girlfriend before the show, and another said they put a lot of candy bars in his car to mock his weight.

— One car burst into flames, although it should be noted that this was many years later and after the car owner had done work on the car himself.

— However, most of the contestants said they enjoyed the experiences and would likely do the show again. They also all liked the host, Xzibit, and Glazier recounted an anecdote from his interaction with the rapper: "I don't remember why he brought it up, but we were just kind of talking about what we were doing that weekend, and he said he's going to 'go down to hell to kill the devil so he can make some Satan-skin boots.' "

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