Seth Rogen Reveals Fire Department Shut Down Smoking 'Pineapple Express' Billboard in 2008

Pineapple Express - Photofest - H 2018

To celebrate the film's 10-year anniversary, the actor gave a mini oral history via Twitter.

The stoner classic Pineapple Express turned 10 on Monday, and to celebrate his film, writer and star Seth Rogen gave a mini oral history via Twitter. 

One of the most interesting tidbits Rogen shared about the 2008 comedy, which also starred James Franco, was that the Los Angeles Fire Department had a billboard for the film shut down. 

Responding to a Twitter user who shared vintage video of the billboard in action, which actually blew smoke, the actor wrote, "We DID have a smoking billboard for #PineappleExpress that got shut down by the fire department because people keep thinking it was on fire." 

Rogen also revealed that a number of the film's stars suffered minor and serious injuries during production, including himself. 

"Throughout the fight scene in Red’s house in #PineappleExpress, I broke my finger and Danny McBride got his head cracked open when Franco hit him with the bong," he wrote

Franco (nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance) also got hurt, with his injury requiring a costume alteration for his character. 

"The reason Saul wears a headband in #PineappleExpress is the result of another injury. There’s a shot (that’s in the movie) when we are running through the woods, Franco hits his head on a tree. He actually hit his head on a screw that was holding a pad in place and got stitches," Rogen tweeted

Another fun shared insight was McBride's character was supposed to die somewhat early on, but he was so funny during production, the script was changed. 

"Red was originally supposed to die the first time he was shot when he was tied up in his apartment," Rogen said. "But we thought Danny Mcbride was so funny that we just kept bringing him back to life."