Pink Panther coming to Cartoon Network

Animated series will air in fall 2009

The Pink Panther is coming back to life on Cartoon Network.

Turner Broadcasting and MGM Worldwide Television have inked a deal for "Pink Panther & Pals," a new 26-episode half-hour animated series that will air on Cartoon Network channels worldwide in fall 2009.

Production is under way in Los Angeles and Amman, Jordan. The show is being produced jointly by MGM and Jordan-based Rubicon.

"In addition to Cartoon Network's interest in the series, international buyers have been especially eager for us to produce another Pink Panther series," MGM Worldwide Television co-president Gary Marenzi said.

The series will feature the Pink Panther as a rambunctious teenager who along with his friends gets into all sorts of mischievous capers and hilarious escapades. "Pink Panther" also will feature characters from the original series, including Ant and Aardvark, as well as new characters. The musical score and comedy themes will be reprised from the original theatrical shorts and TV series.

"The character is drawn a little younger to depict the Pink Panther as a teenager, although he will be instantly recognizable with his signature walk and devil-may-care attitude," executive producer David Corbett said.

MGM also is planning to launch a licensing and merchandising initiative next year.