Pippa Middleton Causes Media Frenzy in Paris with Fake Gun Incident

Indigo/Getty Images

The sister of Kate Middleton has caused a media furor across the globe after being snapped by paparazzi over the weekend with a toy gun.

PARIS -- Pippa Middleton was on fire in Paris over the weekend when the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton got into a royal row with French police. In a paparazzi photo snapped Saturday, Pippa Middleton was seen in the front passenger seat of a convertible as the driver -- who has yet to be identified -- pointed what appeared to be a handgun at photographers. Middleton had spent the night before partying at her friend and Vicomte A fashion designer Arthur de Soultrait’s Marie Antoinette and Louis XIV-themed soiree. A paparazzo present for the incident told France’s top celebrity magazine Gala that the gun did appear to be plastic.

No charges have been filed.

“When the driver took out the plastic gun, it was for a laugh, to have fun, it was done in a friendly way,” the photographer revealed to Gala. “A few minutes later, when the car parked, I touched the plastic gun that the driver showed me. You can find it in any toy store. It’s such a shame to see the magnitude this story has taken on.”

While U.S. and U.K. press have cried la scandale, French press has dismissed the incident as a laughing matter.

France Soir reported, “Pippa Middleton: The firearm that is shocking everyone on the other side of the Chunnel.” Voici magazine revealed the details of de Soultrait’s bash, titled “The King Is Dead, Long Live the Viscount” that welcomed masked characters, dwarves, a stripper climbing out of a cake and “a fire-breathing woman in a garter belt with a plunging neckline. "Classy," Voici said. "It makes you wonder why Queen Elizabeth wasn’t invited.”

Across the Channel in the U.K., neither Her Majesty the Queen nor Buckingham Palace has commented on the situation.