Piracy causes 185,000 lost jobs in Italy

Industry union urges government action

ROME -- Italian industrial union Confindustria released a report Monday estimating that pirated films, television programs, music, and computer software has resulted in some 185,000 lost jobs in Italy, and it called on the government to do more to stop it.

The Confindustria report comes just days after Fapev, the audiovisual anti-piracy group, called on Telecom Italia, the country's largest telecommunications operator, to block websites used for illegal exchanges of pirated videos. And earlier in the month, the Italian parliament began debate on a series of measures that would increase the power of law enforcement seeking to curb the spread of pirated material.

But the Confindustria report is the first to estimate the impact of the trend on the Italian economy, which it said was "on the vanguard" of piracy in Europe because of a combination of weak laws and enforcement, high prices for legal digital files, and easy access to illegal versions.
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