'Piranha 3DD' Star David Koechner on 'Trident Practice' for 'Anchorman 2' (Video)

Koechner says he wants to see his character, Champ Kind, and Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy take their relationship to the next level: "Let's hope it advances," he said.

In his current role as the proprietor of an adult water park in Piranha 3DD, David Koechner squares off against a hungry school of prehistoric flesh eaters with any weapon he can find. Although it was his Evening News teammate Brick Tamland (Steve Carell) who used a trident in Anchorman to help suppress a gang scuffle, Koechner said he was able to practice with the weapon for a possible showdown in the forthcoming sequel Anchorman 2.

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“You bank that,” Koechner told THR Thursday. “You go, alright, now I have more experience now.”

Since it was announced just a few months ago, Anchorman 2 has quickly picked up steam. Although the cast hasn’t shot any footage yet, Paramount Pictures released a teaser trailer on the front of Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest comedy, The Dictator. When asked whether the affection Koechner’s character, Champ Kind, has for Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy will remain unrequited, the actor said he’s hopeful things will evolve.

“Let’s hope it advances,” he said. “Unrequited? Wow, that would be great. That would be a great scene, where Ron wakes up very confused as to what happened the night before, and Champ believes now we’ll finally be together forever.”

Watch the video above for more comments from Koechner about the forthcoming sequel. Piranha 3DD opens June 1, 2012.