Pitbull Likely to Be Exiled to Alaska for Wal-Mart Promotional Contest

Graham Denholm/Getty Images

The Miami-based rapper could be bringing the heat to Kodiak as part of a deal with Sheets Energy Strips.

Pitbulls may not be native to Alaska and its harsh climate, but there is one that’s likely to show up soon.

Miami-based rapper Pitbull could be on his way to making Kodiak, Alaska muy caliente, as a part of deal he made with Sheets Energy Strips back in June. The promotional contest stated that whichever Wal-Mart store in the nation received the most “likes” on Facebook would be honored with an appearance and concert by the rapper.

The Latin sensation best known for his hit songs “I Know You Want Me” and “Give Me Everything” pokes fun at the idea of heading to Alaska. He took to his Twitter on June 30 joking, “I hear there’s bear repellent at Kodiak, Alaska."  Kodiak is located 250 miles south of Anchorage and is known for its population of brown bears.

The Kodiak Wal-Mart’s Facebook page currently has over 60,00 likes, a pretty substantial number considering the rate of likes on other Wal-Mart pages in larger metropolitan areas caps out at around 1,500.

If Pitbull does end up in Alaska, he has promised David Thorpe, the writer from the Boston Phoenix who created the Internet campaign of the competition, that he would be coming with him.  The online hashtag #exilepitbull has become a trending topic on Twitter and many fans have agreed with Thorpe in saying: "Just thought it would be funny to make Pitbull go to the weirdest possible place."

"Wherever the fans want to have a party, I will be there," Pitbull said in an emailed statement on Monday to Good Morning America.

There is no confirmation as to which Wal-Mart stores are currently in second and third place, but with the competition ending in a little over a week, it’s likely that Pitbull will be making his way to Kodiak. This will be the artist’s first time in Alaska.

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