Israeli Duo Static & Ben El Team With Pitbull for Saban Music Group's Debut Release

Further Up single art - Publicity - H 2020
Courtesy of Saban Music Group

"Further Up (Na, Na, Na, Na, Na)" is the first single from Haim Saban's new record label.

Pitbull is featured on the first release from Haim Saban's new record label, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Mr. Worldwide joins Israeli pop duo Static and Ben El on single "Further Up (Na, Na, Na, Na, Na)," released today by Saban Music Group in partnership with Caroline and Universal Music Group.

"I think Israel is the best-kept secret when it comes to music, and not a lot of Israeli artists have broken into the international sphere, so there's a lot of passion there that is not fulfilled yet," Saban, who is known for his passionate support of Israel, said in a statement. "One of my goals is to give these incredibly talented Israeli musicians the exposure they deserve worldwide."

Static (Liraz Russo) has been performing at Israeli music festivals singe age 15, while Ben El Tavori has been singing alongside his father, famous Israeli singer Shimshon "Shimi" Tavori (mother is model Aviva Azulai), since age 14. Their producer is Jordi (Yarden Peleg), who also produces "Further Up" alongside Ten Towns' Alvaro Rodriguez and Troy Scott. Static and Ben El won song, band and breakthrough artist of the year awards from the Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers in Israel in 2017 and for the past four seasons have regularly served as Eurovision judges. Last July, they took the stage with J. Balvin at the Coca-Cola WOW Festival in Tel Aviv and performed their original track "Tudo Bom," which at 433.3 million views has become the most-watched Israeli video ever.

Saban announced last summer that he was launching Saban Music Group with a $500 million investment. Although SMG is based in Los Angeles, Saban has said that he intends for the label to have a global sensibility.

"Music has always been one of my life's greatest passions, and with this new venture I want to ultimately provide world-class entertainment and develop worldwide artists," the billionaire entertainment mogul said in a statement. "I am looking forward to expanding the musical horizons and forge ahead in the industry."