'Pitch Perfect 2' First Trailer: Watch The Barden Bellas Return With "Cups"

Prepare for aca-awesome pillow fights and winking

The Pitch Perfect 2 trailer is here, and it contains everything a Barden Bella fan could ever have wanted — well, except for the a capella sequel in its entirety.

The trailer stars all of our favorites from the first movie, including characters played by Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Elizabeth Banks, Skylar Astin and Adam DeVine. We also get to see newbie Bella Hailee Steinfeld. The slowed-down version of "Cups" that opens the clip is the perfect background for Bella pillow fights and Wilson one-liners as the aca- guys and gals get ready for a global singing competition. The only terrible part of this trailer is when it reminds us we have to wait until May 2015 to experience this aca-awesome perfection. 

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