'Pitch Perfect 2' Star Anna Kendrick Apologizes to Parents Everywhere for "Cups" Song (Video)

Anna Kendrick Seth Meyers H 2015
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Anna Kendrick Seth Meyers H 2015

"'Yeah, my kid does 'Cups' — it was cute, at first.'"

Anna Kendrick has apologized to parents everywhere for "Cups (When I'm Gone)."

The Pitch Perfect 2 star noted on Thursday while on Late Night With Seth Meyers that she's constantly being approached about the breakout musical moment of the 2012 original film, in which she auditions for an a cappella group by performing the song with a beat, solely using a plastic cup.

"Girls will come up to me and say, 'I can do the 'Cups' song and I did it at my talent show,' and then the other thing I get is dads coming up to me and saying, 'Yeah, my kid does 'Cups' — it was cute, at first,'" she said. "So sorry, I am so sorry, I really didn't mean to — I'm so sorry!"

Kendrick — who also isn't impressed by the Royal Baby — also recollected a brainstorming discussion with her mother for her upcoming book of essays.

"Mom, I can't tell stories about how great I am; I have to tell stories about that time I really messed up and everybody laughed at me, because that's funny," she told her mother. Her mother, concerned, noted, "I want your young fans to know that you're a good person," to which Kendrick responded, "Do I not seem like a good person?"

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