Pixar’s 'Brave' Honors Steve Jobs

Brave Pixar Still 2012 H

The animated feature’s closing credits refer to the studio’s late CEO as a mentor and a friend.

Months after his death, the studio Steve Jobs helped build will honor him with its next release.

Pixar Animation Studios' Brave tells the story of a young Scottish girl seeking to discover her own destiny, and features eerie characters called will-o’-the-wisps. During the end credits of an unfinished version of the film, those creatures appear onscreen around Jobs’ name, who is praised as a mentor and a friend, The Wall Street Journal reports.

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Jobs, who died October 5, 2011 of pancreatic cancer, helped launch Pixar and served as its CEO. Brave is the first Pixar film to be released since his death, and is also the studio’s first to feature a female protagonist. The studio is owned by Disney, which is releasing the film. 

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The animated feature, which is set for a June 22 release, isn’t the only film to remember Jobs. Ashton Kutcher is attached to play him in the indie biopic Jobs, and Sony is also developing a film about the Apple co-founder, which is to be written by The Social Network scribe Aaron Sorkin and based upon Walter Isaacson’s best-selling biography.

The real Jobs can currently be seen in the limited release Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview, featuring a 1995 conversation with him.