Pixar Creator’s First Film Shows Early Animation Work (Video)

Ed Catmull’s student project showed one of the world’s first animated hand and face.

Long before the magical world of Pixar came to life, Ed Catamull was slaving away as a student at the University of Utah, trying to bring a hand and face to life.

Catamull, who is the president of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios, was a graduate student at University of Utah when he and Frank Park created one of the world’s first 3D rendered movie -- an image of Catamull’s left hand.

The clip was eventually discovered by a Hollywood producer who used it for the 1976 film Futureland.

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As the video explains, a model was made of Catamull’s left hand and then a complicated system of polygons was drawn on and used to map it out on a computer.

The son of one of Catamull’s collaborators, Robert B. Ingebretsen, posted the film, and even got a tour of the Pixar studios in Northern California with Catamull.

“Either because of their friendship or possibly because they were renting time on the same computer, my dad ended up being responsible for the 3D morphing titles at the beginning and end of the film,” wrote Ingebretsen’s son on Nerdplusart.com.

Pixar recently announced that two new project are slated for the upcoming years. One, called the Untitled Pixar Movie that You See Inside the Brain, will explore the human brain and will be directed by Up director Pete Docter. The other is a story abotu dinosaurs, set in a world where an asteroid didn't hit the Earth, thus allowing the creatures to keep living and evolving.