Pixar Unveils New Trailer for 'Monsters University' (Video)

Monsters University one sheet - P 2013

Mike and Sully go back to school in the latest look at the 'Monsters Inc.' prequel.

"Before they were incorporated, they had to be educated."

Yes, even monsters must go through the trials and tribulations of higher learning.

Over a decade since Pixar released its hit Monsters Inc., the prequel, Monsters University, is nearing big-screen commencement. The film's first full-length trailer recently premiered online following an extended preview hosted by director Dan Scanion, and it's rife with gags and commentary on college culture in monster form.

The story follows original characters Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman) as they embark on their respective college careers. The pair find themselves roommates, and mortal enemies, when they discover they share the same scare major. After focusing on their shared rivalry more than their college classes, Mike and Sully are kicked out of class and forced to join a fraternity of fellow scare rejects in order to compete in the Greek Scare Games and earn a spot back in the program.

Think of it as Animal House, but with less drinking and more fur. Also, probably some moral lessons.

The animated comedy features plenty of new characters, with voice talent including Boardwalk Empire’s Steve Buscemi and Mad Men’s Joel Murray, and promises a slightly different look than the original film: Mike is shorter, with braces, and Sully is slim yet shaggy as the younger version of himself. Returning is Pixar regular John Ratzenberger, as well.

Monsters University is set to hit theaters this June.