Pizza Rat Caught on Film by Upright Citizens Brigade Member

Pizzarat - H 2015

Pizzarat - H 2015

"It's all a metaphor for living in New York," Matt Little said of his viral video.

Pizza Rat may have scurried away, but its social media claw-print continues to grow. 

Matt Little, a comedian and member of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York, on Monday posted video he took of a rat carrying a slice of pizza down the stairs of the subway station.


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Social media took it and ran, leading to the hashtag #PizzaRat trending worldwide on Twitter throughout the day. 

“It’s all a metaphor for living in New York,” the rat videographer told BuzzFeed News. “You have too far to go and too much carry. But life gives you as much as you can handle.”

Little told Buzzfeed News he shot the video around 1 a.m. No one else seemed to notice the rat's bounty, he said. 

“There were only about five or six people on the platform,” Little said. “And we were coming down the stairs, me and my friend, Pat, and we noticed it. If you watch on the video, you can hear him say to the rat, 'Live your best life.' "

The comedian also responded to critics who jokingly called the rat selfish.

"Every rat has its own plight," Little told Buzzfeed News. "We are not aware of what this rat’s story is. It could have been bringing that slice to a number of rats. Judge not lest you carry a slice of pizza bigger than you."