'Planet of Apes' Actress Arrested After Late-Night Crash

Marie Arnoult/Getty Images
Estella Warren

Former model Estella Warren allegedly assaulted a Los Angeles police officer and then tried to escape from officers.

Planet of the Apes actress Estella Warren was arrested just after midnight Tuesday after getting into a late-night crash, allegedly assaulting a police officer and then trying to flee from officers.

Warren was driving down Harper Avenue near West Hollywood when she crashed into three parked cars, Los Angeles police Officer Sarah Faden tells the Associated Press.

She planned to leave the scene before leaving her information, the AP reports, so police were called.

A short time later, Warren was arrested Warren on suspicion of driving under the influence.

At the time, Faden says Warren assaulted one of the officers and was arrested a second time for felony battery on an officer.

Detained in a holding room, Warren managed to slip out her handcuffs, burst through a police station door and briefly escape.

She was immediately recaptured.

Warren, who booked on a felony escape charge, remains in police custody in lieu of $100,000 bail.