Hollywood Stands Behind Tote Bag That Raises $20K for Planned Parenthood


The humble "It" bag is going viral amid fears that the organization will be defunded after Trump takes office.

To show their support for Planned Parenthood on Thursday, Hollywood stylists Penny Lovell (Taylor Schilling, Kristen Wiig) and Karla Welch (Ruth Negga, Sarah Paulson) both Instagrammed an image of a very humble "It" bag — a canvas tote from Power and Light Press.

The tote reads: "I went to Planned Parenthood and all I got was a breast exam, a pap smear, a physical exam, STD testing and treatment, information and counseling about my sexual and reproductive health, cancer screenings, a pregnancy test, prenatal services, and access to affordable birth control."

Over the past 48 hours, the bag has gone viral amid new fears that government funding for the women's health organization will be pulled after President-elect Donald Trump takes office. On Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan promised that the House would vote to defund the health care provider in the same bill designed to repeal Obamacare. A simple majority of Republicans would allow the measure to pass. On Instagram, owners of the Silver City, N.M.-based Power and Light Press wrote that they have raised $20,000 for the organization, thanks to the high-profile support.

Wrote Welch, whose post was favorited by several L.A.-based jewelry designers and fashion publicists, "The folks that want to repeal healthcare and defund #PP are folks who will NEVER have to rely on it. Universal Healthcare will never be perfect but nothing is ever perfect! We should live in a Country that doesn't require a Go Fund Me to help with medical bills!!!! Yell at the the top of your lungs people, tweet at @realdonaldtrump , call congress. Results only happen when WE THE PEOPLE stand up!"

Originally, all proceeds from the $15 tote bags — which were launched last week — were matched by donors through Dec. 31. Proceeds from the bag continue to be donated to Planned Parenthood. However, due to high demand, new orders won't be shipped until February.