Playboy's Cooper Hefner: "We Are Stepping Away From Facebook"

Photographed by Spencer Lowell

"Facebook's content guidelines and corporate policies continue contradicting our values," the chief creative officer wrote in a tweet.

Playboy is joining the #DeleteFacebook movement.

On Tuesday night chief creative officer Cooper Hefner announced that the magazine was deleting its Facebook page in a tweet. "Facebook's content guidelines and corporate policies continue contradicting our values. We've tried to craft our voice for the platform, which in our opinion continues to be sexually repressive," the statement said. "Learning of the recent meddling in a free U.S. election further demonstrates another concern we have of how they handle users' data — more than 25 million of which are Playboy fans — making it clear to us that we must leave the platform."

Playboy attracts about four million monthly unique visitors, some of which presumably come from Facebook. But the magazine has struggled to adapt to the platform in recent years, as Facebook's effect on publishers' traffic has ebbed and flowed. When the magazine briefly adapted a "no nudes" policy starting in 2014, one reason was to play by the platform's community standards. (As of 2014, the bulk of Playboy's traffic came from Facebook.) But in 2017, when Cooper Hefner took over as chief creative officer, he reinstated nudes.

“Nudity was never the problem because nudity isn’t a problem. Today we’re taking our identity back and reclaiming who we are," Hefner wrote in a Twitter statement when he announced that nudes would return to the 64-year-old magazine.

The move is just the latest in a series of high-profile company exits following revelations that Cambridge Analytica misused Facebook user data to target voters in the 2016 U.S. presidential race on behalf of the Trump campaign. Tesla and SpaceX have deleted their Facebook pages, and the founder of Facebook-owned WhatsApp, Brian Acton, has supported the #DeleteFacebook movement.

It's worth noting, however, that Playboy still has a page on Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook. Currently its account has 6.4 million followers.