'Playing With Fire' Trailer: Uptight Firefighter John Cena Becomes a Babysitter in Family Comedy

John Leguizamo and Keegan-Michael Key also star in the Paramount movie.

Paramount has released the trailer for the new family comedy Playing with Fire, starring professional wrestler turned actor John Cena. In the film, Cena plays an uptight fire superintendent who must faces his hardest task yet — babysitting three kids he and his crew rescued until they can locate their parents.

In the trailer, viewers see Cena rescue the children from an encroaching wildfire only to discover their parents are are nowhere to be found. Cena's straight-laced character then struggles to both take care of the kids and do his job effectively. What results is a series of silly disasters with Cena and his fellow tough-guy firefighters, played by Keegan-Michael Key and John Leguizamo, seemingly developing soft spots for the children amid various slapstick incidents.

Finley Rose Slater's Zoey looks to be a scene stealer with a few memorable moments in the trailer as the young girl pacifies an angry dog and engages in a bit of bathroom humor.

The film also stars wrestler turned actor Tyler Mane as well as Brianna Hildebrand (the Deadpool franchise, Trinkets), Christian Convery (Beautiful Boy, Venom) and Judy Greer. The film was directed by Andy Fickman from a script by Dan Ewen and Matt Lieberman.

Playing with Fire will hit theaters on Nov. 8.