PlayStation Network Surprises Users With Unannounced Outage

Sony installed new security measures during Tuesday's maintenance window.

Sony's Playstation Network went dark late Tuesday afternoon because of an unannounced maintenance window.

Users trying to access their accounts beginning at 5 p.m. PT were met with the error message, "An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PlayStation Network. (80710016). Please wait."

Sony later wrote on its support page that the network was back online but users were required to download and install a firmware update as "one of the new security measures put in place for your protection."

Sony warned that it could take up to 24 hours to receive the password reset email required to log back on to the system due to a high volume of traffic.

Playstation Network security was breached on April 20 by a hacker who gained access to the accounts of an estimated 77 million users and their names, addresses, passwords and credit card information.

In late June, Sony Corp. chairman and CEO Howard Stringer apologized to Sony shareholders  for the data leaks, but insisted online content was still at the heart of the company’s strategy.

Stringer described the gamers on the PlayStation Network as “very loyal” and said most of them had returned despite the hacking

Sony had been targeted because it “tried to protect our IP, our content” suggested Stringer.